OTT advertising is a more viable part of a company s marketing mix. More than just a brand awareness and branding play, it’s a full service channel which provides measurable metrics, measurability, and targeted communication. The key to successful OTT advertising is to first identify your target audience, understand their buying behavior, and then design a campaign which enables you to reach those customers where they are, in the right way at the right time. A great example of this is found in the power of video marketing.

Video Marketing is quickly becoming one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways for companies to advertise on the web. As video marketing matures and becomes more commonplace, it provides a tremendous opportunity for advertisers to gain access inventory across multiple channels and deliver content across multiple screens. The beauty of this approach lies in the fact that consumers are increasingly demanding more from online ads. With all of the distractions that modern families face every day, consumers want to know that ads are not simply spliced together, but are truly representative of the content they’re actually seeing. To make video ads more effective, businesses need to build in a tracking system which tracks and measures key performance on each individual ad. Learn more info here about the real time bidding.

Another key aspect of successful OTT advertising relates to how companies choose their targeting methods. While some companies utilize Pay-Per-Click campaigns, others opt for Non-Skippable Ads which are much less expensive to run but can still deliver results. In essence, non-skippable ads explain math better than pay-per-click ads do. A good example of this is found in the power of math on TV commercials, which is basically all of the math that you’ve heard in your entire life.

Companies that have already invested heavily in digital signage are finding that increased productivity can be gained by switching their focus to OTT advertising. Instead of paying for expensive displays, they can now target their advertising towards an audience that is much more likely to be profitable. One of the advantages of this tactic is that consumers are often more likely to watch streaming content if it is presented the way it was intended. This includes everything from the complex mathematical formulas that make up popular shows like Finding Nemo to educational lessons about math. Instead of splicing together a commercial streamed from the History channel or Disney channel, companies can simply present the math lessons at the point where the consumer would be most interested.

Another benefit of this tactic is the ability to create a broader reach without costing as much money. By streaming content across multiple devices, companies can increase the reach of their message without spending more on advertising. For example, ads from AT&T can be broadcasted on YouTube as well as their mobile application. In the case of the streaming content, companies can also target mobile apps such as Angry Birds, which has an extremely large audience when it comes to smartphones. As streaming content continues to grow in popularity, companies may find themselves able to run more of their campaigns across multiple devices and platforms.

Ultimately, companies will have to determine the benefits of the various tools they have available in order to determine whether or not OTT advertising is right for their business. By having a thorough understanding of each tool and how it can benefit them, companies will be able to maximize their potential for profits while limiting their expenses. OTT advertising represents an excellent opportunity to expand a brand’s reach while simultaneously generating high-quality revenue. Check out more about over the top TV.

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